The cost of knowledge

There has been lots written about knowledge in recent times. How the interenet has made knowledge ‘open’ and how social media is enabling enterprises and individuals to share information cost effectively, reducing the trasncation cost of communicating and socialising to really low levels. And we’ve had the eLearning industry come and (nearly, hopefully, go) and… Read more


A shiny new rattle in a less shiny new office. The site ain’t right yet but it’s getting there [thanks Paul].  And the offices are super good.  Come visit!

Mail order

mail order, originally uploaded by JamesB. My uncle has been selling cloth by mail order catalogue now for over thirty years.  the operation is a might slimmer now that it was all that time ago, as is he. He’s retiring soon.   For those thirty plus years though he’s managed to sell cloth by text alone. … Read more

eyeballs and widgets and winners

I find it quite staggering how much dotcom M&A activity going on right now.  IPOs seem to be coming through daily in a race between the big four Google, Yahoo!, News Corp and Microsoft not to lose out.    All seem to be spending over revenue growth in activity not seen since the boom/bust days… Read more


the new office…, originally uploaded by JamesB. So I’ve been freelance now for 2 weeks, trying to cohere some sort of business which I’ve called Rattle.    The business is there to provide planning, service design and research concerning digital/social media.  And in that 2 weeks I’ve learnt a hell of a lot. Firstly, always… Read more

Ebay: Designing for convenience

John Sanbourne has just talked through ebay express [which was news to me] at the [otherwise pretty disappointing] BTWEEN forum in Bradford.    His slides should be on the BTWEEN site later.  The development of express has been prompted by the market for ‘convenience’ purchases, instant gratification, rather than an auction, this is "buy now"… Read more

<75 years of metaBBC>

spies, originally uploaded by JamesB. The BBC has opened up its catalogue going back to 1937. Well Done MattB and Tom. It’s a wonderful thing. I worked in TV as a researcher/AP for the BBC between 1999 and 2002 first on Timewatch [for  a lovely bloke called Tilman Remme] and then in Current Affairs [and… Read more

Big supermarkets are bad for your health – official

Sainsburys is to open GPs [doctors] surgeries in its stores.  Are supermarkets taking their responsibility for creating a nation of lard-arses really seriously?  This hasn’t been picked up much and I’m quite surprised it hasn’t.  The move to incorporate Doctor’s surgery’s in store is obviously part of Sainsburys desperate attempt to make its stores competitive… Read more

Get Crafty

Link: Los Angeles Times: ( the handmade life ). Interesting article in the LA Times [reg req’d – find here] around the craft movement which kinda supplements what I wrote earlier about Etsy.  The article is useful because it brings out some of the social and psychological drivers underpinning the new craft movement:  Around midnight,… Read more