Feeling it…

Malcolm Gladwell has a wonderful article on the art of pitching and in particular the art of pitching as practised by the Popeil and Morris clan in the US in the mid-late 20th Century and epitomised by Ron Popeil, the man who invented the infomercial with products like the Showtime Rotisserie and Grill and the… Read more

Images and words

Here is a talk I gave the other day to some business folks which kinda distils a lot of the things I find interesting around some key themes.  It’s called “web futures: consumer behaviours and business opportunities”. Be nice to get your thoughts on it.  

In a World

I like Wordle. Thought this was a nice way to highlight the “ideaological cleavage” between Brown and Miliband from the Labour Party Conference this week. They don’t agree on much except for “world”… Can you tell which is which?


This is one of my favourite ads. ‘Ad’ doesn’t really do it justice.  It’s one minute of film. One of the reasons I think it works is because they’ve actually folded the perceived negative aspects of gaming such as violence and sex into positive virtues of life, experience and learning.  In other words it ain’t… Read more

Music Moves Place

3 accounts for 20 percent of UK digital music sales, originally uploaded by lynetter. Lynetter keeps up the good work finding that 3 accounts for 20% of all UK digital music sales, second only behind iTunes.  Considering 3 is one of half a dozen mobile service providers [others being Orange, Vodaphone, O2, T-Mobile, Virgin], I’d… Read more


My Tool Box April 2006, originally uploaded by geishaboy500.Link: marktd: Brands 2.0: Branded Utility – Jack Cheng There seems to be a belated realisation that comms planning is all well and good but you need to have something decent to communicate and that over time it gets harder and harder to be interesting and communicate… Read more

Mail order

mail order, originally uploaded by JamesB. My uncle has been selling cloth by mail order catalogue now for over thirty years.  the operation is a might slimmer now that it was all that time ago, as is he. He’s retiring soon.   For those thirty plus years though he’s managed to sell cloth by text alone. … Read more

An accountant without a personality

One of the most inspired presentations I’ve ever heard on IT Conversations by Jospeh Chamie, Director of Population at the UN.   It’s just a glorious lesson in how to engage an audience by the Civil Service equivalent of Woody Allen. Via R-R-R-Russell.