Proximity Fuze

I listened to a programme on the excellent Analysis strand on Radio 4 on the 15th March.  It was narrated by Stephen Fry and it concerned the issue of whether the web is bad for us, you know, whether it’s making us dumber, negating the need to endure pre-digital learning processes.  That kind of… Read more


This post is undertaken for the Ada Lovelace Pledge. I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of brilliant women in technology.  Mostly those I met at the BBC including Paula La Dieu, Alice Taylor, Anne Fairbrother, Priya Prakash and Anno Mitchell and those I only met fleetingly but who’s reputation and work was well… Read more


Du Pont from the 60s still with its original sticky backing.  2 rolls came yesterday courtesy of the excellent Superbuzzy. Odd to think that this stuff was stored for 40 yrs.  Kennedy was being shot the last time this stuff was being used. 

Instruction Manual

Came across this  Thames and Hudson sketchbook  or doodlebook in Foyles.  I like the tacit  understanding that it’s hard to know where to start  to sketch, that a blank canvas requires you  think not unlike the paradox of choice when faced with near unlimited possibilities to consume.  But sometimes you just want to be given… Read more

Not-so-random-flickr: Explicit IA

3 modes, originally uploaded by JamesB. known item; browse/exploratory and don’t know what you need to know?  The thing is it’s all well and good them making these things explicit but shouldn’t the bookmarks actually be a driver for enquiring, reading or discovering rather than just stating that’s what libraries are there to cater for? … Read more

Designing data…

"… with a view to informing decisions and taking action." Maps are perhaps the oldest and best forms of visualising data. Met up with Danny Dorling last night, Professor Danny Dorling to you, master of maps which actually kind of underplays the incredibly important role he has in defining social policy, especially in the UK. … Read more

Ebay: Designing for convenience

John Sanbourne has just talked through ebay express [which was news to me] at the [otherwise pretty disappointing] BTWEEN forum in Bradford.    His slides should be on the BTWEEN site later.  The development of express has been prompted by the market for ‘convenience’ purchases, instant gratification, rather than an auction, this is "buy now"… Read more

Gaming the event

The ‘life beyond the broadcast’ for BBC Weekenders seems quite healthy.Moylesy taken from kc_mcfen’s on flickr.  See the pool which with 222 members and over 2300 pics as of today is up there with the Japanology pool!  Woohoo.  See also the weekender tags and a rather wonderful set of from ruu as well as Radio… Read more

Designing for everyday use

Now we’re in an age of ubiquitous connectivity [or near ubiquitous] and PCs are more about being intermediaries in a social network, why are we still stuck with machines that take little account of the context of use?  Forget the plethora of web 2.0 services that spring up by the hour to take care of… Read more

Foot Work

"upmarket" slipper mop, originally uploaded by superlocal. Superlocal has a good eye for the material culture of South East Asia.  I find his work together with Jan’s quite compulsive. Anyway, Korean floor slippers that serve to clean those immaculate floors they have there.  What other everyday mundane objects are we overlooking to design for some… Read more