The loo

I’ve been prompted to look at the common loo lately, mainly because of some client work.  But loo’s have been front of mind recently because I’ve also been looking at public, private and intimate spaces for some other research and discovered that many people value the bathroom / toilet space as somehow sacred – it… Read more

The social life of information

the social life of information, originally uploaded by JamesB. I’m digging digg at the moment particularly seeing news ‘move’ in real time.  It’s quite compelling – not particularly radical, in the sense that there are so many ways to see information now – search by tags; search by popular tag or post etc etc that… Read more

Get Crafty

Link: Los Angeles Times: ( the handmade life ). Interesting article in the LA Times [reg req’d – find here] around the craft movement which kinda supplements what I wrote earlier about Etsy.  The article is useful because it brings out some of the social and psychological drivers underpinning the new craft movement:  Around midnight,… Read more

3D Letter

  OdedEzer_008    Originally uploaded by Oded Ezer. Skeletal language in plasticine which I find quite hauntingly pretty. By Oded who does some cool typography.

Home Economics Just Got Interesting

Link: Etsy – Your place to buy and sell all things handmade. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now of developing a means through which people can sell what they make.  And ask for things for other, experts, to make for them.  A kind of eBay for products that are handmade.  It… Read more

Butts Out

Cigarette butts are bad: 120 tons of cigarette litter are discarded on our streets every day       In the UK , Cigarettes account for over 40% of street litter – globally it is around 50% It takes ONE SECOND to drop a cigarette butt – assuming it took the same time to pick it… Read more

Credit Usability

Link: Cash Usability – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals). Picking up from this post on 37 signals around cash usability and the colour of Australian dollars being so much more effective as a design attribute than any figurehead in knowing how much cash you have in your wallet, I wonder if anyone is thinking around… Read more

Event marketing courtesy of flickr app

A cafe in amsterdam allowing customers to pull up flickr tags by sms using a neat flickr app and then they’re displayed on screens around the cafe together with the tag.  Great.  An extension of the "sms walls" from a few years ago.  It works especially well in Restaurant 11 in Amsterdam because the place… Read more

Magis Polystyrene Kids Chair

  Polystyrene Kids Chair    Originally uploaded by JamesB. Bought at Purves and Purves this weekend… about the only thing i could afford in the store. Made for Magis who have some great designers on their list.


  R.06.030    Originally uploaded by Rafael de Cózar. Awesome set of graffiti images  by Rafael de Cozar on Flickr.