Old Media Genius

When you’re coming to design user experiences some things are no brainers.  If you’re in the business of selling tangible things then more often than not it helps to have an image of the thing your selling, unless it’s so generic and popular it’s entered the national consciousness – paper clips perhaps or metal clothes… Read more

Age of Empire Lift Design

Cornicing silhouetted around the top of the lifts in Bush House, London.  They look like puppets, or perhaps the British Subjects in the ‘Age of Empire’ when the lifts were made?   lift design    Originally uploaded by JamesB.

Designing For New [Playful] Experiences

Nick Currie’s offerings from his sabbatical in Japan could be read as postmodern artefacts from a psychiatric institution.  There’s genius there but unconventional, mad-as-eggs genius.  His movie of people making noises for 5 seconds is a weird, strangely compelling thing.    Link: 5 second human noises movie [8.9 mb] So this got me thinking.  Getting… Read more

Amazoning the news

Link: hypergene | amazoning the news . How could you sustain social interaction around a news story?  A truly democratic Fourth Estate?  The authors argue that Amazon tells the best stories on the web.  They argue Amazon do the best job possible for that medium.  As they say "the web is really about people".  If… Read more

User expectations in a world of smart devices

Link: adaptive path � user expectations in a world of smart devices. Expectations are the blueprint for how people try to interact with an interface — be it physical, environmental, or on screen. Our experiences with technology shape our expectations of the world, and the more technology permeates our world, the greater our expectations. Thus,… Read more

70s Honda scooter

  Found this product design database, via this  We Make Money Not Art post [thanks].  The site is chockablock full of fab things from the 70s. What I found particularly appealing was Honda’s 50cc scooter. How great is this?  Having just bought a Honda Dylan 125 to get round town I’m always looking at scooters… Read more