This is one of my favourite ads. ‘Ad’ doesn’t really do it justice.  It’s one minute of film. One of the reasons I think it works is because they’ve actually folded the perceived negative aspects of gaming such as violence and sex into positive virtues of life, experience and learning.  In other words it ain’t… Read more

Post Its’ and Pimps

Went to the games exhibition at the Science Museum yesterday.  Tremendous stuff.  Aside from making me nostalgic for the nascent gameplay of Pong and Space Invaders I discovered the art of Ocean Quigley, designer of The Sims aesthetic who had some really moving pieces that reminded me of some of the artwork around existentialism and… Read more

Geek rant

Link: BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Newsnight’s ‘Geek Week’. I’ve really enjoyed the Newsnight ‘Geek Week’ and especially the package on MMOGs.   However, it annoys me how gamers [and anyone interested in anything that uses technology] are referred to as geeks.  And not just by Newsnight, by my colleagues at work and friends… Read more

Playing not gaming

Good, if obvious, observation from Aleks Krotoski on the Guardian Games Blog from a games conference in Dundee: Women don’t play games because they perceive "gamer" as (and I’ll quote an excellent presentation by Mette Fairgrieve from the ITU in Copenhagen) "male, a young man or boy, antisocial, guzzling coke and pizza and lacking basic… Read more

GPS and Reality Gaming

Link: we make money not art: Back Seat Gaming. I love this idea being devloped at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm.  This, to me, is a great innovation.  Gaming is a good way to pass time – especially when you’re trapped, like when a passenger in a car.  The one constant when travelling, with the… Read more

Grand Thieves’ Audio

Link: we make money not art: Grand Thieves’ Audio. Bunk have taken political satire to a new medium if not a new level. GTA Vice City gets some new friends for your journey [are these the sort of people that would go in for car pooling?!] around town such as the Army Recruitment Officer. All… Read more

‘Half-Life 2’ makes you ill

Link: ‘Half-Life 2’ players call in sick | News.blog | CNET News.com. I knew it. All this talk of gaming being good for you, we needed a bad news story to balance things out and to make me feel like less of a loser for not being a hard-core gamer.