Navigating Risk

I’ve taken a few cabs lately and all have had the tom tom.  I can see why they’d want to employ such a relatively cheap device to reduce the ‘risk’ of their knowledge being exposed.  But what has sat nav technology done to the kudos of the taxi driver in exposing their uncertainty?  What has… Read more

Walking the line

Representations of space, in this case the London Underground tube lines, just do it for me.  For whatever reason maps make me go weak.  The notion of ‘control at a distance’, the sense of  ‘managing’ something in the abstract appeals to me [maps are such a ‘man’ thing aren’t they?].  Anyway, I know, there are… Read more

Spatial formations

 My usual fascination with all things spatial has been satiated for today.  Just seen the BBC Streets of Cardiff project which has a  nice Google map type app, though it’s somewhat counterintuitive in its navigation.  It weaves in some good naratives from users – though it takes you to a flat page for the content… Read more

US Military and open gazatteer of the world!

Link: NGA: GNS; Names Files of Selected Countries. This is an amazing resource.  The US military has a series of files, open to the public, of every place name in the world [or at least it purports to have – who could check?].  It’s awesome.  It even has the phonetic spellings for place names! Should… Read more

Geo-ogle: Google maps the UK

I’ve tried to find better things to do with my time lately than surfing memes and blogging.  The clement weather has helped – sunshine opens up far more of the world to use.  However, it’s raining again so…. more Google magic as they map the UK, courtesy of navtech.  As an aside Google are  also… Read more

Mosaic and The Power of Data

Link I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about data analysis, partly because I’ve got to do some work on an interesting dataset and partly because I’ve belatedly come to see many of the benefits of data mining and manipulation.  Audioscrobbler’s USP, based as it is on personal data in the form of  music played,… Read more

GPS Tracked Car Insurance

Link: Business 2.0 :: Magazine Article :: What Works :: GPS-Tracked Car Insurance. Business 2.0 have picked a bunch of 25 companies that are outfoxing the competition through innovative solutions. Their choice for technology innovation is an idea piloted by Norwich Union that allows them to measure bad driving and alter insurance premiums accordingly through… Read more

GPS and Reality Gaming

Link: we make money not art: Back Seat Gaming. I love this idea being devloped at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm.  This, to me, is a great innovation.  Gaming is a good way to pass time – especially when you’re trapped, like when a passenger in a car.  The one constant when travelling, with the… Read more

Map London

Link: UO FACULTY OF CARTOGRAPHY – HomePage. In the UK the Ordnance Survey owns all the geographic data required to map, well just about anything.  It is Crown Copyright.  You have to buy a license to use the data and it is strictly enforced – even not-for-profit organisations need licenses such as the Online Fellwalking… Read more