Link: TRENDWATCHING.COM Newsletter | Global Consumer and Marketing Trends | September 2005. I have a love/hate relationship with neologisms.  I hate these marketing types who identify new trends and terms to describe those trends – the branding of the social – in order to gain some ‘value’ in the industry.  But I do love new… Read more

BBC: secondary rights and its brand

Link: | New media | Fancy a Kumars curry?. Later this month a website will enable customers to buy products such as a Martha Stewart-style The Kumars at No 42 book or Father Ted cards online. Thanks to the new terms of trade with the BBC, which gives independents the majority of secondary rights… Read more

All Strategy is Local

Link: tompeters! management consulting leadership training development project management The Harvard Business Review had an article on Strategy being local which as Tom Peters states "is brilliant but counter-intuitive" and he goes on "it reinforces my longstanding bias that beyond a certain point Big ceases to be beautiful." Here are some of Tom’s selected quotes… Read more

Marketing Disruption?

Link: gapingvoid: never try to change people’s behavior. I’ve been following Hugh’s sideline, ie new client, with interest.  He’s levereging his muscle in the blogo-world to generate some PR for a wine called Stormhoek by giving away free samples and asking people to comment upon the wine in their blogs – and in doing so… Read more

Objects, Networks and Sociality

I’ve been catching up on some reading lately, especially around activity theory and much of what I was reading seemed to resonate with some of my other interests, especially that of Actor Network Theory.  What initially got me thinking was a really interesting post from Jyri about about scalable and effective social software. His argument… Read more

The Long Tail for Heavy Business?

I was with Paul [whose digital footprint is miniscule, he’s practically invisible. Get about more man!] the other night and we were trying to work through what ‘marketing as conversation’ meant to marketers. It’s tricky. The implications seem to be that the Long Tail  marks the end of traditional marketing for many companies in the… Read more

Event marketing courtesy of flickr app

A cafe in amsterdam allowing customers to pull up flickr tags by sms using a neat flickr app and then they’re displayed on screens around the cafe together with the tag.  Great.  An extension of the "sms walls" from a few years ago.  It works especially well in Restaurant 11 in Amsterdam because the place… Read more