Rowan    Originally uploaded by JamesB. I really like the way in which Rowan have tried to take knitting to a younger audience. ‘Craft’ practices such as knitting have become much more popular amongst a younger audience – tapping into the idea of ‘making’ being an antidote to mass consumerism. I see a lot… Read more

OfCom: Sponsoring TV Channels

As of today OfCom will now consider the sponsorship of TV channels.  What sort of brand would be willing to sponsor a TV channel?  More to the point what channel would be willing to have their ‘brand’ usurped by another, especially one that could up and leave after 12 months?  Of the terrstrial channels I… Read more

Tastemakers and Filters as Brands

I’ve been following with interest the conversation between Chris Anderson and John Hegal around brands and branding, not least because I find myself in the marketing industry now.  In an age when we have more and more brands and yet less and less loyalty to those brands, at least in so far as there is… Read more


  Wool    Originally uploaded by JamesB. I have a thing about haberdashery, partly related to the last post.  John Lewis is just about the only place left that does it well.  And it does it well but you can’t shop for it online.  I think they figure, quite rightly – that you need to… Read more

Old Media Genius

When you’re coming to design user experiences some things are no brainers.  If you’re in the business of selling tangible things then more often than not it helps to have an image of the thing your selling, unless it’s so generic and popular it’s entered the national consciousness – paper clips perhaps or metal clothes… Read more

Media Consumption: Piecing the bits together…

I had more time than usual this morning to read the papers as I was sat on the 6.10 from Euston to Sheffield for three hours.  Not usually accustomed to reading the Guardian’s online section as I’d mentally discarded it years ago as a bolt-on for the digital illiterate, I found it most interesting –… Read more

Mosaic and The Power of Data

Link I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about data analysis, partly because I’ve got to do some work on an interesting dataset and partly because I’ve belatedly come to see many of the benefits of data mining and manipulation.  Audioscrobbler’s USP, based as it is on personal data in the form of  music played,… Read more

A Ramble on Norwich, Charity and eBay and Wine

Norwich is eBay capital of the UK, official.  More people from Norwich, 44% in fact, per head of population have registered with eBay than anywhere else in the UK.  There are several theories as to why, one of which is ‘real’ geography: Norwich is quite isolated.  Simple.  You would have thought that this trade would… Read more

GPS Tracked Car Insurance

Link: Business 2.0 :: Magazine Article :: What Works :: GPS-Tracked Car Insurance. Business 2.0 have picked a bunch of 25 companies that are outfoxing the competition through innovative solutions. Their choice for technology innovation is an idea piloted by Norwich Union that allows them to measure bad driving and alter insurance premiums accordingly through… Read more