Proximity Fuze

I listened to a programme on the excellent Analysis strand on Radio 4 on the 15th March.  It was narrated by Stephen Fry and it concerned the issue of whether the web is bad for us, you know, whether it’s making us dumber, negating the need to endure pre-digital learning processes.  That kind of… Read more

iPlayer: search resolution

My kids watch a lot of content through the iPlayer and one of the things that I’ve noticed is they use Google to search iplayer: Google is their default way in to web content.  Fine. However, Google returns urls for programmes that are beyond the 7 day window, whereas searching from iPlayer itself brings back… Read more

The cost of knowledge

There has been lots written about knowledge in recent times. How the interenet has made knowledge ‘open’ and how social media is enabling enterprises and individuals to share information cost effectively, reducing the trasncation cost of communicating and socialising to really low levels. And we’ve had the eLearning industry come and (nearly, hopefully, go) and… Read more


My Tool Box April 2006, originally uploaded by geishaboy500.Link: marktd: Brands 2.0: Branded Utility – Jack Cheng There seems to be a belated realisation that comms planning is all well and good but you need to have something decent to communicate and that over time it gets harder and harder to be interesting and communicate… Read more

Al Jazeera as blog broadcaster?

Link: / World / Middle East & Africa – Al Jazeera launches news channel in English. It’s kind of a reverse colnialism isn’t it?  Al Jazeera is now colonising the airwaves with a move to start an English language news channel, having done deals with 83 distributers including Sky, but not it seems Freeview.… Read more

Gaming the event

The ‘life beyond the broadcast’ for BBC Weekenders seems quite healthy.Moylesy taken from kc_mcfen’s on flickr.  See the pool which with 222 members and over 2300 pics as of today is up there with the Japanology pool!  Woohoo.  See also the weekender tags and a rather wonderful set of from ruu as well as Radio… Read more

<75 years of metaBBC>

spies, originally uploaded by JamesB. The BBC has opened up its catalogue going back to 1937. Well Done MattB and Tom. It’s a wonderful thing. I worked in TV as a researcher/AP for the BBC between 1999 and 2002 first on Timewatch [for  a lovely bloke called Tilman Remme] and then in Current Affairs [and… Read more

Unearthing the world’s talent

I must be the last person to see this… but my God am I pleased i did; Google Idol – rating Hot or Not style people miming to songs.   This is where all the talk of distributed media, users as producers and associated hot air starts to come together and mean something for people everywhere. … Read more

In Memoriam

A few things have come together lately.  Thinking about public and private, speed and memory has got me thinking about death.  I tend to read the obituaries of the Daily Telegraph when I’m cutting my hair – I’m practically bald and use clippers and the paper catches the bits, catches my own deadness.   I love… Read more

Mapping group activity or, ‘community’

I’ve quickly tried to map some of the dynamics of different ‘community’ mechanisms, partly inspired by Tom’s Model for Mapping Group Activity.  It’s basically aimed at clients and intended as a basis for developing ‘community strategies’ and is a very rough first draft. What I haven’t done is map offline activity or looked to illustrate… Read more