TV to go… but go where?

Moving image is getting quite exciting isn’t it.  I mean we are told it’s bad for us but we keep watching more of it via smaller chunks off of smaller devices. The fragmentation of media demand and supply supposedly putting the consumer in charge – though I’m still not sure about this when interoperability is… Read more

Moyles on My Space

Thirty minutes into my daily commute this morning I realised that Edward Stourton wasn’t informing me of the news agenda on BBC Radio 4 but rather Chris Moyles was uttering inane gobbledygook.  It took me thirty minutes to realise someone had reset the car radio from Radio 4 to Radio 1.  Thirty minutes! There was… Read more

Urbane Moderne

1950’s vespa scooter advertising image #2757(1), originally uploaded by culturesponge. Culturesponge has a series of Vespa adverts from the 1950s and 1960s which are really compelling.  My favourite are a set of Modern illustrations [as opposed to the iconographic pretty lady posters] of urban and rural life – positioning the scooter very much as a… Read more

Cutting and splicing

Link: YouTube – Brokeback to the future. Some clever work went down to marry Brokeback Mountain and Back to the Future. You Tube is just chocka full of great stuff and some really turgid compelling crap too.   Like Video Nation on acid.   

The social life of information

the social life of information, originally uploaded by JamesB. I’m digging digg at the moment particularly seeing news ‘move’ in real time.  It’s quite compelling – not particularly radical, in the sense that there are so many ways to see information now – search by tags; search by popular tag or post etc etc that… Read more

Assembling democracy

Jeff Jarvis makes reference to some Google bashing future where organisations rail against their shop front monopoly by taking their products away.  That ain’t gonna happen as he says, … Google is everyone’s front page. And, yes, that can make life difficult. Google kills brands; Google commodifies everything. But that’s not Google’s fault. That comes… Read more

Sony graffiti marketing

  The Lincoln Heights NC are all abuzz about this corporate graffiti    Originally uploaded by Vidalia. Vidalia suspects Sony have been using graffiti to generate a some ‘street’ cred’.  Large corporations using street art aesthetics to align themselves with the values of the younger generation is annoying, especially when you know it’s a marketing… Read more

Classified information

The romp to own what were once considered the boring classifieds at the back of the newspaper is going mental.   We know newspapers are losing money from the loss of these itty bitty classified ads to online which is searchable, up-to-date and dynamic but the land grab amongst the digital media giants to get this… Read more

Get Crafty

Link: Los Angeles Times: ( the handmade life ). Interesting article in the LA Times [reg req’d – find here] around the craft movement which kinda supplements what I wrote earlier about Etsy.  The article is useful because it brings out some of the social and psychological drivers underpinning the new craft movement:  Around midnight,… Read more