BBC: secondary rights and its brand

Link: | New media | Fancy a Kumars curry?. Later this month a website will enable customers to buy products such as a Martha Stewart-style The Kumars at No 42 book or Father Ted cards online. Thanks to the new terms of trade with the BBC, which gives independents the majority of secondary rights… Read more

Objects, Networks and Sociality

I’ve been catching up on some reading lately, especially around activity theory and much of what I was reading seemed to resonate with some of my other interests, especially that of Actor Network Theory.  What initially got me thinking was a really interesting post from Jyri about about scalable and effective social software. His argument… Read more

Event marketing courtesy of flickr app

A cafe in amsterdam allowing customers to pull up flickr tags by sms using a neat flickr app and then they’re displayed on screens around the cafe together with the tag.  Great.  An extension of the "sms walls" from a few years ago.  It works especially well in Restaurant 11 in Amsterdam because the place… Read more

Playing not gaming

Good, if obvious, observation from Aleks Krotoski on the Guardian Games Blog from a games conference in Dundee: Women don’t play games because they perceive "gamer" as (and I’ll quote an excellent presentation by Mette Fairgrieve from the ITU in Copenhagen) "male, a young man or boy, antisocial, guzzling coke and pizza and lacking basic… Read more

OfCom: Sponsoring TV Channels

As of today OfCom will now consider the sponsorship of TV channels.  What sort of brand would be willing to sponsor a TV channel?  More to the point what channel would be willing to have their ‘brand’ usurped by another, especially one that could up and leave after 12 months?  Of the terrstrial channels I… Read more

Digital Divides and Potential Futures

Good to see the digital divide getting some airing of late.  Firstly The Observer showed that girls can be at least as geeky as boys, blowing the myth of a gender specific hot wired physiological need for all things tech and shiny.  Alice, Paula, Molly  and a world of others have been proving that for… Read more

Tastemakers and Filters as Brands

I’ve been following with interest the conversation between Chris Anderson and John Hegal around brands and branding, not least because I find myself in the marketing industry now.  In an age when we have more and more brands and yet less and less loyalty to those brands, at least in so far as there is… Read more

Producing memories and victims

Just come upon an interesting phenomenon – people banding together to say they’re not afraid of terrorism.  We are not afraid. With lots of pictures and .mp3s of people saying "we are not afraid".  In the words of virgorama one of the contributors "Terrorism traffics in fear. Defy that fear and terrorists become nothing more… Read more