Music Moves Place

3 accounts for 20 percent of UK digital music sales, originally uploaded by lynetter. Lynetter keeps up the good work finding that 3 accounts for 20% of all UK digital music sales, second only behind iTunes.  Considering 3 is one of half a dozen mobile service providers [others being Orange, Vodaphone, O2, T-Mobile, Virgin], I’d… Read more

Arctic Buzz

Link: Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Arctic Monkeys climbing high – thanks to the net. I’m only mentioning this because it concerns Sheffield.  And I’m now warming to the place having been here 3 months and want to BIG IT UP. Anyway, the Grauniad and Demos alerted me to the tale of the Artic… Read more

Radio Research Paradox

Been conducting some informal research of late about radio consumption and the one thing that keeps getting mentioned as the main driver for radio is the opportunity to find new bands, tunes etc.  that you would not otherwise find out about [unless you have an array of friends who are all heavily into different musical… Read more

Musical Chavness

Goldie Lookin’ Chain have now got my respect [woo!]. Their humour passed my by with the snippets I heard on the radio.  But this post on Metafilter by Major Curly has alerted me to their obvious class, which is kind of ironic as the Guardian pans them for being classist [I find The Grauniad intolerably… Read more

Are you the new DJ? M E Smith on John Peel Obit.

<a href="">BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Mark E Smith on John Peel</a> Newsnight’s tribute to John Peel, a wholly soporific affair, was enlivened by the musings of M E Smith.  My transcript differs slightly from the official one:  Gavin Esler: "The bit Mark that is amazing just to listen to that tribute of… Read more