Cause and Effect Storytelling

A diagram of cause and effect where the concept of risk is implicit; a lovely way to sell investments as it brings out the game and sense of play. It would be interesting to draw out news events in a similar fashion, rather than most of the infographics produced for news, which more-often-than-not don’t tell… Read more

Dashboards for Pretending

I’ve been doing a bit of work around dashboards at Rattle. ¬†Despite the interest in dashboards there’s precious little in the way of analysis of existing dashboards, for example car dashboards and how their patterns are designed for ‘blink’ interpretation and of course pretending. ¬†However, I did come across this in the Nissan GT-R, a… Read more


This post kinda came out of a presentation I gave at bathcamp and the previous post on The Cost of Knowledge.  That presentation was about how the domain of formal knowledge as presented by academic publications was needlessly costing us as taxpayers millions of pounds a year *and* yet still kept this ‘knowledge’ under copyright… Read more

The cost of knowledge

There has been lots written about knowledge in recent times. How the interenet has made knowledge ‘open’ and how social media is enabling enterprises and individuals to share information cost effectively, reducing the trasncation cost of communicating and socialising to really low levels. And we’ve had the eLearning industry come and (nearly, hopefully, go) and… Read more

Things are actors too

Simon has linked to a couple of papers on materiality in social research that he has written [in partnership with Simon Blyth of Unilever] that are well worth reading.  Most stuff around Actor Network Theory [ANT] doesn’t seem that helpful to the average researcher doing research, in fact most Social Science ‘theory’ seems elitist and… Read more

Designing data…

"… with a view to informing decisions and taking action." Maps are perhaps the oldest and best forms of visualising data. Met up with Danny Dorling last night, Professor Danny Dorling to you, master of maps which actually kind of underplays the incredibly important role he has in defining social policy, especially in the UK. … Read more

Navigating Risk

I’ve taken a few cabs lately and all have had the tom tom.  I can see why they’d want to employ such a relatively cheap device to reduce the ‘risk’ of their knowledge being exposed.  But what has sat nav technology done to the kudos of the taxi driver in exposing their uncertainty?  What has… Read more

Mapping group activity or, ‘community’

I’ve quickly tried to map some of the dynamics of different ‘community’ mechanisms, partly inspired by Tom’s Model for Mapping Group Activity.  It’s basically aimed at clients and intended as a basis for developing ‘community strategies’ and is a very rough first draft. What I haven’t done is map offline activity or looked to illustrate… Read more