The loo

I’ve been prompted to look at the common loo lately, mainly because of some client work.  But loo’s have been front of mind recently because I’ve also been looking at public, private and intimate spaces for some other research and discovered that many people value the bathroom / toilet space as somehow sacred – it… Read more

Internet as WOM?

Link: Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | Growing up with the wired generation. Some choice quotes from a Guardian article based on an MTV report: One in three children who use the internet makes friends online. Children in the UK aged between 10 and 19 own approximately 7.5m mobile phones, on which they send many… Read more

Home Economics Just Got Interesting

Link: Etsy – Your place to buy and sell all things handmade. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now of developing a means through which people can sell what they make.  And ask for things for other, experts, to make for them.  A kind of eBay for products that are handmade.  It… Read more

Ebuild: building on the foundations for ecommerce

The benefits of XML for me were in database [dynamic] driven content.  I never took an interest in ecommerce applications.  Until now.  I recently came across some press releases from BASDA [the British Application Software Developers Association] which stated that a new XML standard had been created in agreement with house-builders and suppliers.  Moreover in… Read more

Credit Usability

Link: Cash Usability – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals). Picking up from this post on 37 signals around cash usability and the colour of Australian dollars being so much more effective as a design attribute than any figurehead in knowing how much cash you have in your wallet, I wonder if anyone is thinking around… Read more


WOMMA is interesting – The Word of Mouth Marketing Association.  Word of Mouth advertising – the kind of marketing as conversation thing that’s been doing the rounds for what seems like ages now and fits in neatly with the move to Long Tail blah blah, web as platform and even the Architecture of Participation –… Read more

BBC: secondary rights and its brand

Link: | New media | Fancy a Kumars curry?. Later this month a website will enable customers to buy products such as a Martha Stewart-style The Kumars at No 42 book or Father Ted cards online. Thanks to the new terms of trade with the BBC, which gives independents the majority of secondary rights… Read more

The Assault on Pleasure

The Future Foundation are undertaking a new study of The Assault on Pleasure.  They have apparently identified a new social trend away from the excesses in contemporary soociety.  Blurb: A total of 30% of people in the UK (35% of under-24s) now agree that : Pregnant women found smoking in a public place should be… Read more