The Long Tail for Heavy Business?

I was with Paul [whose digital footprint is miniscule, he’s practically invisible. Get about more man!] the other night and we were trying to work through what ‘marketing as conversation’ meant to marketers. It’s tricky. The implications seem to be that the Long Tail  marks the end of traditional marketing for many companies in the… Read more

Playing not gaming

Good, if obvious, observation from Aleks Krotoski on the Guardian Games Blog from a games conference in Dundee: Women don’t play games because they perceive "gamer" as (and I’ll quote an excellent presentation by Mette Fairgrieve from the ITU in Copenhagen) "male, a young man or boy, antisocial, guzzling coke and pizza and lacking basic… Read more


Not ringtones. Ringtons. A dry grocery delivery business serving the north of England.  Or so I learnt from my colleague as we passed one of their vans on the M1.  How do they stay in business in an age of supermarket deliveries?  What is their USP?  Is it their branded tea, coffee and biscuits?  Er,… Read more

Communal Living

The Independent yesterday had a good article about Britain’s first purpose built ‘commune’ and the same story has been taken up by You and Yours on Radio 4.  In a time when we are looking more and more at ideas of ‘community’ to inform design around digital online experiences – social software – innovation around… Read more


  Rowan    Originally uploaded by JamesB. I really like the way in which Rowan have tried to take knitting to a younger audience. ‘Craft’ practices such as knitting have become much more popular amongst a younger audience – tapping into the idea of ‘making’ being an antidote to mass consumerism. I see a lot… Read more

Digital Divides and Potential Futures

Good to see the digital divide getting some airing of late.  Firstly The Observer showed that girls can be at least as geeky as boys, blowing the myth of a gender specific hot wired physiological need for all things tech and shiny.  Alice, Paula, Molly  and a world of others have been proving that for… Read more

Tastemakers and Filters as Brands

I’ve been following with interest the conversation between Chris Anderson and John Hegal around brands and branding, not least because I find myself in the marketing industry now.  In an age when we have more and more brands and yet less and less loyalty to those brands, at least in so far as there is… Read more

Murdoch on the offensive

Murdoch starts his move into the online world that he’s so publicly dissed in the past [FT subscription may be req’d].  News Corps purchase of Intermix is a svavy move in my opinion.  Interdix owns MySpace and is one of a growing band of digital / online companies that are almost in the black!  A… Read more

Spatial formations

 My usual fascination with all things spatial has been satiated for today.  Just seen the BBC Streets of Cardiff project which has a  nice Google map type app, though it’s somewhat counterintuitive in its navigation.  It weaves in some good naratives from users – though it takes you to a flat page for the content… Read more