New Job

I’ve taken a new job.  In Sheffield.  Feels absolutely marvellous to be out of the BBC, not because I didn’t have a great time, but because it seemed to have the consistency of porridge.  Everything seemed to be bureaucratic and slow.   I like the idea of being accountable and responsible and having to justify myself. … Read more

When New Technologies Come Up Against Old Ways Of Doing

The computer is no more than an instantaneous telegraph with a prodigious memory, and all the communications inventions in between have simply been elaborations of the telegraph’s original work.  So begins Carolyn Marvin in one of my favourite books around material [media] history When Old Technologies Were New.  But recent changes in development environments, social… Read more


  Wool    Originally uploaded by JamesB. I have a thing about haberdashery, partly related to the last post.  John Lewis is just about the only place left that does it well.  And it does it well but you can’t shop for it online.  I think they figure, quite rightly – that you need to… Read more

Media Consumption: Piecing the bits together…

I had more time than usual this morning to read the papers as I was sat on the 6.10 from Euston to Sheffield for three hours.  Not usually accustomed to reading the Guardian’s online section as I’d mentally discarded it years ago as a bolt-on for the digital illiterate, I found it most interesting –… Read more

US Military and open gazatteer of the world!

Link: NGA: GNS; Names Files of Selected Countries. This is an amazing resource.  The US military has a series of files, open to the public, of every place name in the world [or at least it purports to have – who could check?].  It’s awesome.  It even has the phonetic spellings for place names! Should… Read more

Mosaic and The Power of Data

Link I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about data analysis, partly because I’ve got to do some work on an interesting dataset and partly because I’ve belatedly come to see many of the benefits of data mining and manipulation.  Audioscrobbler’s USP, based as it is on personal data in the form of  music played,… Read more

Radio Research Paradox

Been conducting some informal research of late about radio consumption and the one thing that keeps getting mentioned as the main driver for radio is the opportunity to find new bands, tunes etc.  that you would not otherwise find out about [unless you have an array of friends who are all heavily into different musical… Read more