iPlayer: search resolution

My kids watch a lot of content through the iPlayer and one of the things that I’ve noticed is they use Google to search iplayer: Google is their default way in to web content.  Fine. However, Google returns urls for programmes that are beyond the 7 day window, whereas searching from iPlayer itself brings back… Read more

<75 years of metaBBC>

spies, originally uploaded by JamesB. The BBC has opened up its catalogue going back to 1937. Well Done MattB and Tom. It’s a wonderful thing. I worked in TV as a researcher/AP for the BBC between 1999 and 2002 first on Timewatch [for  a lovely bloke called Tilman Remme] and then in Current Affairs [and… Read more


classified, originally uploaded by JamesB. I’ve been using classified ads recently to try and get a variety of things including childminders.  For services like childminding physical classified ads just seem to be more appropriate… I only wanted people who lived in walking distance to where we live and I wanted people who were able were… Read more

Time Stuff

I haven’t been able to shit straight lately for work pressure and family life.  I’m a kinda of believer that you make your own time… you have the ability to slow down and speed up according to the activities you are undertaking.  Quite what that means practically I’m not too sure.  Quite how I convey… Read more

Sad Search

Link: WSJ.com – TiVo Users Soon Can Search for Ads. Like, why would you search for TV ads to download?  Tivo is developing an application to allow people to search for content via keyword which will then be downloaded to view when you want: Advertisers, in turn, will be able to select the keywords and… Read more

Home Economics Just Got Interesting

Link: Etsy – Your place to buy and sell all things handmade. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now of developing a means through which people can sell what they make.  And ask for things for other, experts, to make for them.  A kind of eBay for products that are handmade.  It… Read more

All Strategy is Local

Link: tompeters! management consulting leadership training development project management The Harvard Business Review had an article on Strategy being local which as Tom Peters states "is brilliant but counter-intuitive" and he goes on "it reinforces my longstanding bias that beyond a certain point Big ceases to be beautiful." Here are some of Tom’s selected quotes… Read more

Spatial formations

 My usual fascination with all things spatial has been satiated for today.  Just seen the BBC Streets of Cardiff project which has a  nice Google map type app, though it’s somewhat counterintuitive in its navigation.  It weaves in some good naratives from users – though it takes you to a flat page for the content… Read more