We Watch

One of the things we’re doing at Rattle are once a month ‘hackdays’. We’re doing hackdays to rapid prototype ideas we have, learn new technologies and have some fun.  Previous hackdays have produced things like Wordr, Social Scoreboards, Pretend Fan, Open Plaques and the Job Box.  This month we created We Watch: a way to see what… Read more

Ecosystems and Small Economies

This tweet got me thinking about how I use different web services and how fundamentally the value I derive from my consumption online is now dependent upon different stuff that talks to each other. Ecosystems. Tom refers to Instapaper in his tweet but I think this tool is illustrative of a broader move toward web… Read more

Proximity Fuze

I listened to Clever.com a programme on the excellent Analysis strand on Radio 4 on the 15th March.  It was narrated by Stephen Fry and it concerned the issue of whether the web is bad for us, you know, whether it’s making us dumber, negating the need to endure pre-digital learning processes.  That kind of… Read more


Pic via agiledogs One of the things that frustrates me about recomemndation engines, but particulaly last.fm is how bad they can be. How the slightly off-kilter recommendations are magnified a thousand times.  Part of this magnification is I believe because of the fact that we’ve become atuned to believing that the software is somehow “automagic”. Whenever… Read more

Bad karma

I got a Quechup invite yesterday from someone I know vaguely and thought I’d go and take a look.  Amongst the plethora of social networking sites springing up this might have something I could learn from or indeed have a proposition of some worth, beyond collating the detritus of my "going-about-the-world" as  some added value. … Read more

Life in fragments

… lots of bits.  messy.  Link: Twitter. Tom pointed me at twitter. It’s another one of those social networking things which is the dull bit.  The interesting bit is essentially it’s playing with time.  You input what you’re doing NOW.  Others do and from that you get a picture, a messy picture of the social… Read more

Gaming the event

The ‘life beyond the broadcast’ for BBC Weekenders seems quite healthy.Moylesy taken from kc_mcfen’s on flickr.  See the pool which with 222 members and over 2300 pics as of today is up there with the Japanology pool!  Woohoo.  See also the weekender tags and a rather wonderful set of from ruu as well as Radio… Read more

<75 years of metaBBC>

spies, originally uploaded by JamesB. The BBC has opened up its catalogue going back to 1937. Well Done MattB and Tom. It’s a wonderful thing. I worked in TV as a researcher/AP for the BBC between 1999 and 2002 first on Timewatch [for  a lovely bloke called Tilman Remme] and then in Current Affairs [and… Read more


Oily Bird, originally uploaded by olivander.   I’m struggling with the mantra of digital strategists like Seth Godin who argues that we need to make things as simple as possible for people: We like things that are simple, not complex. Issues where we can take action without changing very much. If a marketer brings us… Read more