Defining social blah

I’ve just read The Guardian blog post of their Media Summit event in which the great and the not-so-great speak: "Tom Coates, tech developer at Yahoo! is asked to explain exactly what social media is, and struggles. He concludes that social media sites have a sum of parts much more valuable as a resource than… Read more

Mapping group activity or, ‘community’

I’ve quickly tried to map some of the dynamics of different ‘community’ mechanisms, partly inspired by Tom’s Model for Mapping Group Activity.  It’s basically aimed at clients and intended as a basis for developing ‘community strategies’ and is a very rough first draft. What I haven’t done is map offline activity or looked to illustrate… Read more

The social life of information

the social life of information, originally uploaded by JamesB. I’m digging digg at the moment particularly seeing news ‘move’ in real time.  It’s quite compelling – not particularly radical, in the sense that there are so many ways to see information now – search by tags; search by popular tag or post etc etc that… Read more

Time Stuff

I haven’t been able to shit straight lately for work pressure and family life.  I’m a kinda of believer that you make your own time… you have the ability to slow down and speed up according to the activities you are undertaking.  Quite what that means practically I’m not too sure.  Quite how I convey… Read more

Get Crafty

Link: Los Angeles Times: ( the handmade life ). Interesting article in the LA Times [reg req’d – find here] around the craft movement which kinda supplements what I wrote earlier about Etsy.  The article is useful because it brings out some of the social and psychological drivers underpinning the new craft movement:  Around midnight,… Read more

Book Things

Link: Library Thing The Fall have a song called Telephone Thing that I’m fond of and I like Library Thing too. Not that they’re in any way related, but I’m liking "Things".  Though book things are very different artefacts from images or URLs and as such Library Thing may struggle to replicate the kind of… Read more