Oily Bird, originally uploaded by olivander.   I’m struggling with the mantra of digital strategists like Seth Godin who argues that we need to make things as simple as possible for people: We like things that are simple, not complex. Issues where we can take action without changing very much. If a marketer brings us… Read more

Navigating Risk

I’ve taken a few cabs lately and all have had the tom tom.  I can see why they’d want to employ such a relatively cheap device to reduce the ‘risk’ of their knowledge being exposed.  But what has sat nav technology done to the kudos of the taxi driver in exposing their uncertainty?  What has… Read more

Designing for everyday use

Now we’re in an age of ubiquitous connectivity [or near ubiquitous] and PCs are more about being intermediaries in a social network, why are we still stuck with machines that take little account of the context of use?  Forget the plethora of web 2.0 services that spring up by the hour to take care of… Read more


ID cards  get the go ahead today – with  the news that they will be compulsory for people applying for passports in the UK in 2010.  The furore over our civil liberties aside being able to define ‘us’ on a card seems so archaic when we’re now a ‘mulitiplicity’.   When we now not only ‘philosophically’… Read more

In Memoriam

A few things have come together lately.  Thinking about public and private, speed and memory has got me thinking about death.  I tend to read the obituaries of the Daily Telegraph when I’m cutting my hair – I’m practically bald and use clippers and the paper catches the bits, catches my own deadness.   I love… Read more


If humans were ‘managed’ by others in the way that we manage animals would we be culled? I ask because the world populaton just hit 6.5 billion and is increasing albeit at a slower rate of growth.  5 billion of that 6.5 billion happened in the last 100 years.  That’s quite staggering.  Had elephants, seals,… Read more

Brotherly labour: innovating in social networks

McDonald’s are piloting an interesting idea: allow a member of your family to cover your shift.  If sucessful it could be extended to friends too.  This is obviously doable because the Taylorist approach to McDonald’s labour means that labour is quite transferable. So is it a good idea? This pilot takes the idea of job… Read more

TV to go… but go where?

Moving image is getting quite exciting isn’t it.  I mean we are told it’s bad for us but we keep watching more of it via smaller chunks off of smaller devices. The fragmentation of media demand and supply supposedly putting the consumer in charge – though I’m still not sure about this when interoperability is… Read more

Big supermarkets are bad for your health – official

Sainsburys is to open GPs [doctors] surgeries in its stores.  Are supermarkets taking their responsibility for creating a nation of lard-arses really seriously?  This hasn’t been picked up much and I’m quite surprised it hasn’t.  The move to incorporate Doctor’s surgery’s in store is obviously part of Sainsburys desperate attempt to make its stores competitive… Read more