Problem solving

Skimming Block, originally uploaded by superlocal. I love the Far East.  I love the way they just get on and make stuff and then make more stuff to solve the problems of the initial stuff.  There’s no prevaricating, they just keep making instead of legislating, which is what we’re so good at in Europe.  Here… Read more

Documentary me

Timesnapper reminds me of the Paul Auster script ‘Smoke‘ where this storekeeper goes outside his store everyday of the year at exactly 12 noon to take a photograph of his store front. The value comes through the existence of these images over time: each individual image is worthless. And that’s obviously the value of Timesnapper.… Read more

Ebuild: building on the foundations for ecommerce

The benefits of XML for me were in database [dynamic] driven content.  I never took an interest in ecommerce applications.  Until now.  I recently came across some press releases from BASDA [the British Application Software Developers Association] which stated that a new XML standard had been created in agreement with house-builders and suppliers.  Moreover in… Read more