Kettles seem to be (becoming) a standard measure for power consumption don’t they? It’s like anthropomorphism only instead of objects taking on human traits we have intangible stuff like electricity taking on the form and activity of objects. Objectifimorphism?

Cape Town Coffee Time?

Does anyone fancy meeting for a coffee in Cape Town?  Don’t come especially, but if you happen to be in the area then email me (james dot boardwell at gmail dot com) and let’s meet… I’m here until the evening of the 13th… image by DanieVDM


What started as a hobby and actually has remained pretty much a hobby gets closer to life.

Knitted words

knitting moleskines, originally uploaded by erinscissorhands. Nice range of recycled notebooks from erinscissorhands. The idea of notebooks as embodying greater permanence in a digital age is at odds with the tech discourse which is about indelible zero’s and one’s. But it’s definitely emerging as a practice evidenced by demand for moleskin type notebooks. As information… Read more

A wider distribution

QR-ed hash brown, originally uploaded by superlocal. Superlocal finds another piece of Asian goodness, this time in the unlikely [Western] setting of McDonald’s. A QR badge to show fat content! But surely it’s a post rational design thought, an indulgence which would perhaps get people talking rather than something to inform decision making…?

The man who has not turntable

GO WAY THE MAN WHO HAS NOT TURN TABLE, originally uploaded by superlocal. “GO AWAY THE MAN WHO HAS NOT TURN TABLE” Know your audience. Speak to them clearly and directly. And patronise your non-audience as this will make your core audience feel good about themselves. Don’t worry about grammar.