If businesses were run…

… like bands they’d be a lot better.  Most businesses are just inherently dull, a product of inertia, risk aversion, process, beaurocracy and politics.  Most business books are rubbish, one thought extended to death.  If businesses were more like bands the world would be better.  And if business books were more like comics they’d be… Read more

Planning coffee morning in Sheffield on Tues 7pm

In London Russell et al do coffee at 7am.  Further North planners gather for beer at a rather more amenable 7pm. The sporadic Northern planning Summit is this Tues at 7pm starting in Runaway Girl, Sheffield.  Andrew, Gemma, Rob, Joel are booked [and their agents paid handsomely] and are probably practising their lines now in… Read more


, originally uploaded by JamesB. I’m playing around with omnigraffle, gliffy etc.  And they’re great but you can’t beat drawing freehand initially: it’s quicker, you can get far more done and it makes me think when I draw.  Using templates, structures etc even ones as flexible as the stencils in the above can be unproductive. … Read more

Camp Origami

Camp Origami, originally uploaded by JamesB. More here. Camping. The surge of popularity for sleeping under the stars and getting closer to nature fits so well with the move toward inconspicuous consumption, our desire to get closer to a sense of ‘reality’, an affordable authentic, even an aesthetic. Hell, if Chang Mai is now a… Read more

Going down…

down the hatch 2*, originally uploaded by annie_everywhere. Part of Anne’s set on the Under Water Hotel – a hut in the ocean and possibly the smallest guesthouse in the world – one of the ‘spaces’ she’s documenting for her travel book, a weird and wonderful collection of boutique ‘hotels’. Celebrating the niche seems to… Read more

Not here, over there…

I’m mostly living at Stickrattling which was meant to be a place to post the odd ditty about advertising and planning type stuff but has become well, a home of sorts.   In particular my attempt at Russell Davies’ Planning School of the Web exercise 7 set by the uber smart Grant McCracken has been fun,… Read more

Elliot Elvis Boardwell

Elliot Elvis Boardwell, bn. 15 June 2006 Other Elliots:Missy ElliotElliott GouldElliot NessBilly ElliotElliot SmithTS Elliot Good company. addendum: Realised I only had 1 day to go before registering the boy [you get 6 weeks] and on a bit of  whim outside the registry office he got Elvis as a middle name.  Woo hoo.

1.0 -> 2.0

Web 2.0 – according to Second Life, this is the difference in 1.0 and 2.0, originally uploaded by pinhole. Kinda sums it up for me.


elephant in the rain, originally uploaded by annie_everywhere. The Sultan’s Elephant Theatre showed the power of the magical, how the desire to be amazed by the extraordinary doesn’t have to be through the lens of the freakery of the mundane as seen in reality TV. We want to believe, as children do [or some of… Read more


4 days in Les Get, France skiing the Port du Soleil in what appears to be the best snow conditions for years.