Come, hang out, talk, be my friend, do stuff

It’s [tech] conference walla season again.  And people are getting all hippy about it.  Even Metcalfe and Coates [and I single them out because I like offending them and also because I can’t be arsed to find other people to back up my flimsy argument rant] are getting into the sandal wearing brotherly love thing… Read more


I’m loving Shhexycorin. She’s the most creative annotator of a parallel world we have. They say the best form of humour resonates because it’s based on truth. Which makes this a fucked up funny world. Is this what satire is going to be for my kids…? Flickr took down one of her photos recently. In… Read more

Half-baked apology

Apologies for the half-baked posts of late.  I’m finding Ecto is publishing the drafts I half-heartedly write.  In fact I only ever write half heartedly so maybe I should just sack the attempt to crap-filter  out what I write and just publish everything in the hope that the signal really is the noise…   


George Orwell was generally spot on about most things.  Take advertising: Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket No argument from me there.   Which is why myself and Paul Stallard  have tried to deflect some of our own guilt from working in an industry that seeks to explore  exploit every habit… Read more

Streets in the sky

, originally uploaded by JamesB. I pass Park Hill Flats everyday on the way to work.  It’s the largest listed building in Europe, influenced by Le Corbusier’s Unité d`Habitation in Marseille. They’re quite beautiful with fantastic public spaces and bridges linking the different blocks.  They’re built on a hill overlooking, towering over, Sheffield.  The decks… Read more

The Smith-Nietzsche Method

Most of the stuff written about creativity is guff. I want to contend that being creative is not about learning processes or ways of doing so much as unlearning them and being systematically unsettled. The Creating Passionate Users people write instructively on how we can all be more ‘innovate’ in the way we make for… Read more

Looking ahead…

      Originally uploaded by JamesB. I’m going away for a week or so.  2006 will be around when I’m back and I’ll be further behind in reading and consequently trying to play catch up with the frenetic pace of change in the world of digital technology, ‘consumerism’ and marketing. My resolution for 2006… Read more