Ghostly: Mohammedan Woman, India

Street Dress, Mohammedan Woman, India Originally uploaded by pantufla. Pantufla has some great images taken [naughty!] from the Library of Congress which has some of the most amazing images representative of different cultures and societies… They need to sort out the navigation on the LoC site though – it’s hust so difficult to get to… Read more


I’ve become lazy following the addition of the daily blogpost.  But you are what you do and I am what i’ve been reading. mostly.  Anyway, apologies for appearing to be bone idle.  I’m not [i’m working hard at job stuff and having daily fights with my builder – which I may start to video… Read more

Batelle on Start the Week

Link: BBC Radio 4 – Start the Week – 21 November. What does the world want? According to JOHN BATTELLE, the company which knows the answer to that question is Google. Not only is the search engine now the gateway to so much of our knowledge but, in a world where every click can be… Read more

To hell with MMOGs

To hell with MMOGs Originally uploaded by JamesB. Off to Devon where it’s gonna be wet. And I’m going to beat my five year old at PacMan. Which reminds me of a good post at Things Mag on Alternate Reality Gaming and MMOGs and where they’re coming together. Not in Devon.

Beer Mat Marketing

  Martin    Originally uploaded by JamesB. Part of a beer mat marketing exercise I saw whilst in north Wales on Pauls’ stag do.  The beer mat is pushing a new programme ‘A470’ [a road that cuts across Wales] on S4C [Welsh Channel 4].  The flip side of the mat is here.  I like it… Read more


Link: Mother Just the most fun, irreverent and damn beautiful online thing.  Been waiting a while for mother to do something worthy of their reputation as one of the most creative agencies in the er, the world or just EC1, ever [well depends who you speak to] and this certainly lives up to expectations. The… Read more


Nicolas Nova makes use of an interesting neologism, the  ‘consommacteur’.  French words just sound good don’t they?  Paraphrasing Nicolas the consommacteur expresses the fact that the consumer is  now also the ‘actor’ or the producer of the system. What were different activities have now pretty much become one and the same – you add value… Read more

Mobile Disjuncture

My colleague has a work mobile phone that, like many employees up and down the country, once belonged to a previous employee.  Now and again she gets random text messages.  She just received this one: 1-0 what a fuckin result! rub that up against you big lad. [It relates to England’s drubbing in the World… Read more

Me by Matt

  James Boardwell at OpenTech 2005    Originally uploaded by matlock. Matt Locke took some great photos of some nerds at a recent techy conference.  I like the one of me.  Thanks Matt.

Keeping Kids Busy

Keeping Kids Busy Originally uploaded by JamesB. Bit of fun with the flagrantdisregard app for flickr. It’s a great app. You can see all the ‘magazine covers’ at this group pool. The summer holidays are nearly over. Yeh!