This post is undertaken for the Ada Lovelace Pledge. I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of brilliant women in technology.  Mostly those I met at the BBC including Paula La Dieu, Alice Taylor, Anne Fairbrother, Priya Prakash and Anno Mitchell and those I only met fleetingly but who’s reputation and work was well… Read more

A mirror

There are heap of video playouts now.  What I quite like about is that it takes the idea of presence further than its peers by hooking into your AV straight away and recording.  It’s a [all too] simple process. And judging from the featured material on the site it produces quite unreflexive, more immediate… Read more

Problem solving

Skimming Block, originally uploaded by superlocal. I love the Far East.  I love the way they just get on and make stuff and then make more stuff to solve the problems of the initial stuff.  There’s no prevaricating, they just keep making instead of legislating, which is what we’re so good at in Europe.  Here… Read more

You have 42 new texts…

Early novice engaged twitter behaviour and networking giving way to background, lower level use.  Particularly noticed scale limits: 25 people is my ceiling.  Phone notifications off after quiet walk in the woods was disturbed by busy aviary like twitter from pocket.  I had 42 new texts in the space of 30 minutes.  That’s when continuous… Read more

eyeballs and widgets and winners

I find it quite staggering how much dotcom M&A activity going on right now.  IPOs seem to be coming through daily in a race between the big four Google, Yahoo!, News Corp and Microsoft not to lose out.    All seem to be spending over revenue growth in activity not seen since the boom/bust days… Read more

Gaming the event

The ‘life beyond the broadcast’ for BBC Weekenders seems quite healthy.Moylesy taken from kc_mcfen’s on flickr.  See the pool which with 222 members and over 2300 pics as of today is up there with the Japanology pool!  Woohoo.  See also the weekender tags and a rather wonderful set of from ruu as well as Radio… Read more

<75 years of metaBBC>

spies, originally uploaded by JamesB. The BBC has opened up its catalogue going back to 1937. Well Done MattB and Tom. It’s a wonderful thing. I worked in TV as a researcher/AP for the BBC between 1999 and 2002 first on Timewatch [for  a lovely bloke called Tilman Remme] and then in Current Affairs [and… Read more


[thinks – should have worked at a red top.] Spent a great day at the BBC Labs in Masham, Yorkshire, yesterday courtesy of Matt, working with the various teams and mentors who were finalising their propositions.  It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time, being around a lot of creative… Read more

> Copy > paste > [re]publish

I was somewhat disappointed last year at Etech and wasn’t able to justify the cost in time or money this year to myself.   However, it would seem I’ve missed something potentially massive, but massive in an unassuming, quiet revolution sort of way:  The "Live Clipboard" [via Ben]. Microsoft’s dev team [at the instigation of Ray… Read more