The social life of information

the social life of information, originally uploaded by JamesB. I’m digging digg at the moment particularly seeing news ‘move’ in real time.  It’s quite compelling – not particularly radical, in the sense that there are so many ways to see information now – search by tags; search by popular tag or post etc etc that… Read more

Time Stuff

I haven’t been able to shit straight lately for work pressure and family life.  I’m a kinda of believer that you make your own time… you have the ability to slow down and speed up according to the activities you are undertaking.  Quite what that means practically I’m not too sure.  Quite how I convey… Read more

Home Economics Just Got Interesting

Link: Etsy – Your place to buy and sell all things handmade. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now of developing a means through which people can sell what they make.  And ask for things for other, experts, to make for them.  A kind of eBay for products that are handmade.  It… Read more

Skype = Speech = Trust = New Markets

Link: / Home UK – What will Ebay do with Skype?. “Skype could expand our global footprint,” said Meg Whitman, Ebay chief executive, adding that emerging markets, such as India, China and Russia, trade was carried out with “significantly lower levels of trust than we’ve seen” and had a bargaining style that was more… Read more

Digital Divides and Potential Futures

Good to see the digital divide getting some airing of late.  Firstly The Observer showed that girls can be at least as geeky as boys, blowing the myth of a gender specific hot wired physiological need for all things tech and shiny.  Alice, Paula, Molly  and a world of others have been proving that for… Read more

Murdoch on the offensive

Murdoch starts his move into the online world that he’s so publicly dissed in the past [FT subscription may be req’d].  News Corps purchase of Intermix is a svavy move in my opinion.  Interdix owns MySpace and is one of a growing band of digital / online companies that are almost in the black!  A… Read more

Spatial formations

 My usual fascination with all things spatial has been satiated for today.  Just seen the BBC Streets of Cardiff project which has a  nice Google map type app, though it’s somewhat counterintuitive in its navigation.  It weaves in some good naratives from users – though it takes you to a flat page for the content… Read more