Feeling it…

Malcolm Gladwell has a wonderful article on the art of pitching and in particular the art of pitching as practised by the Popeil and Morris clan in the US in the mid-late 20th Century and epitomised by Ron Popeil, the man who invented the infomercial with products like the Showtime Rotisserie and Grill and the… Read more

Dashboards for Pretending

I’ve been doing a bit of work around dashboards at Rattle.  Despite the interest in dashboards there’s precious little in the way of analysis of existing dashboards, for example car dashboards and how their patterns are designed for ‘blink’ interpretation and of course pretending.  However, I did come across this in the Nissan GT-R, a… Read more

Ecosystems and Small Economies

This tweet got me thinking about how I use different web services and how fundamentally the value I derive from my consumption online is now dependent upon different stuff that talks to each other. Ecosystems. Tom refers to Instapaper in his tweet but I think this tool is illustrative of a broader move toward web… Read more


We tend to do a lot of conference calls with clients and also team catch-up calls.  And, if I’m honest, my mind can drift a bit.  The attention deficit created by my screen based workflows means I’m often missing from the moment.  The lo-fi solution to improving engagement is Crispin’s Tengu, which is employed to… Read more

We Are Friction

This talk was given at Lovebytes on the 12 Feb 2010.  Thanks to Lisa for the invitation. Tom Armitage gave a talk a few years ago about manners and etiquette which has stayed with me and which, with the recent meme around playfulness and Russell’s talk at Playful last year, got me thinking about how… Read more

Me, pointing

Am in Newcastle at Thinking Digital today and tomorrow (thanks RIG) hoping to see Tara Shears from CERN / Large Hadron Collider, and Dan Lyons (should be fun) and a heap of others mostly drawn from the non-web.  I’m hoping to meet a few ‘doers’ too.  There are enough talkers on the conference circuit.  Shame… Read more

Images and words

Here is a talk I gave the other day to some business folks which kinda distils a lot of the things I find interesting around some key themes.  It’s called “web futures: consumer behaviours and business opportunities”. Be nice to get your thoughts on it.  


Kettles seem to be (becoming) a standard measure for power consumption don’t they? It’s like anthropomorphism only instead of objects taking on human traits we have intangible stuff like electricity taking on the form and activity of objects. Objectifimorphism?

Proximity Fuze

I listened to Clever.com a programme on the excellent Analysis strand on Radio 4 on the 15th March.  It was narrated by Stephen Fry and it concerned the issue of whether the web is bad for us, you know, whether it’s making us dumber, negating the need to endure pre-digital learning processes.  That kind of… Read more