This post is undertaken for the Ada Lovelace Pledge. I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of brilliant women in technology.  Mostly those I met at the BBC including Paula La Dieu, Alice Taylor, Anne Fairbrother, Priya Prakash and Anno Mitchell and those I only met fleetingly but who’s reputation and work was well… Read more

Cape Town Coffee Time?

Does anyone fancy meeting for a coffee in Cape Town?  Don’t come especially, but if you happen to be in the area then email me (james dot boardwell at gmail dot com) and let’s meet… I’m here until the evening of the 13th… image by DanieVDM

iPlayer: search resolution

My kids watch a lot of content through the iPlayer and one of the things that I’ve noticed is they use Google to search iplayer: Google is their default way in to web content.  Fine. However, Google returns urls for programmes that are beyond the 7 day window, whereas searching from iPlayer itself brings back… Read more


This post kinda came out of a presentation I gave at bathcamp and the previous post on The Cost of Knowledge.  That presentation was about how the domain of formal knowledge as presented by academic publications was needlessly costing us as taxpayers millions of pounds a year *and* yet still kept this ‘knowledge’ under copyright… Read more

The cost of knowledge

There has been lots written about knowledge in recent times. How the interenet has made knowledge ‘open’ and how social media is enabling enterprises and individuals to share information cost effectively, reducing the trasncation cost of communicating and socialising to really low levels. And we’ve had the eLearning industry come and (nearly, hopefully, go) and… Read more


Pic via agiledogs One of the things that frustrates me about recomemndation engines, but particulaly is how bad they can be. How the slightly off-kilter recommendations are magnified a thousand times.  Part of this magnification is I believe because of the fact that we’ve become atuned to believing that the software is somehow “automagic”. Whenever… Read more

In a World

I like Wordle. Thought this was a nice way to highlight the “ideaological cleavage” between Brown and Miliband from the Labour Party Conference this week. They don’t agree on much except for “world”… Can you tell which is which?

Bad karma

I got a Quechup invite yesterday from someone I know vaguely and thought I’d go and take a look.  Amongst the plethora of social networking sites springing up this might have something I could learn from or indeed have a proposition of some worth, beyond collating the detritus of my "going-about-the-world" as  some added value. … Read more


What started as a hobby and actually has remained pretty much a hobby gets closer to life.