Du Pont from the 60s still with its original sticky backing.  2 rolls came yesterday courtesy of the excellent Superbuzzy. Odd to think that this stuff was stored for 40 yrs.  Kennedy was being shot the last time this stuff was being used. 


A shiny new rattle in a less shiny new office. The site ain’t right yet but it’s getting there [thanks Paul].  And the offices are super good.  Come visit!

Knitted words

knitting moleskines, originally uploaded by erinscissorhands. Nice range of recycled notebooks from erinscissorhands. The idea of notebooks as embodying greater permanence in a digital age is at odds with the tech discourse which is about indelible zero’s and one’s. But it’s definitely emerging as a practice evidenced by demand for moleskin type notebooks. As information… Read more

A wider distribution

QR-ed hash brown, originally uploaded by superlocal. Superlocal finds another piece of Asian goodness, this time in the unlikely [Western] setting of McDonald’s. A QR badge to show fat content! But surely it’s a post rational design thought, an indulgence which would perhaps get people talking rather than something to inform decision making…?

A mirror

There are heap of video playouts now.  What I quite like about Hellodeo.com is that it takes the idea of presence further than its peers by hooking into your AV straight away and recording.  It’s a [all too] simple process. And judging from the featured material on the site it produces quite unreflexive, more immediate… Read more


This is one of my favourite ads. ‘Ad’ doesn’t really do it justice.  It’s one minute of film. One of the reasons I think it works is because they’ve actually folded the perceived negative aspects of gaming such as violence and sex into positive virtues of life, experience and learning.  In other words it ain’t… Read more

Music Moves Place

3 accounts for 20 percent of UK digital music sales, originally uploaded by lynetter. Lynetter keeps up the good work finding that 3 accounts for 20% of all UK digital music sales, second only behind iTunes.  Considering 3 is one of half a dozen mobile service providers [others being Orange, Vodaphone, O2, T-Mobile, Virgin], I’d… Read more

Instruction Manual

Came across this  Thames and Hudson sketchbook  or doodlebook in Foyles.  I like the tacit  understanding that it’s hard to know where to start  to sketch, that a blank canvas requires you  think not unlike the paradox of choice when faced with near unlimited possibilities to consume.  But sometimes you just want to be given… Read more

Post Its’ and Pimps

Went to the games exhibition at the Science Museum yesterday.  Tremendous stuff.  Aside from making me nostalgic for the nascent gameplay of Pong and Space Invaders I discovered the art of Ocean Quigley, designer of The Sims aesthetic who had some really moving pieces that reminded me of some of the artwork around existentialism and… Read more