Mend it like…

Nice piece in the guardian yesterday about "repair culture" dying out.  The desire for high end premium goods worth repairing has been stripped by the huge market in cheap white goods that have become almost as disposable as bic razors, albeit with a slightly longer life span and trickier to dispose of which in itself… Read more

Problem solving

Skimming Block, originally uploaded by superlocal. I love the Far East.  I love the way they just get on and make stuff and then make more stuff to solve the problems of the initial stuff.  There’s no prevaricating, they just keep making instead of legislating, which is what we’re so good at in Europe.  Here… Read more


Went to the Neighbourgoods Market in Woodstock, a rather run down area to the North East of  Cape Town today.  The market is a curated food and design market, which runs every Saturday and whilst it’s a bit stereotypically ‘organic’ [white, wealthy, educated, urban, lefty liberal, crocs wearing…], it’s such a vibrant interesting environment that… Read more

Things are actors too

Simon has linked to a couple of papers on materiality in social research that he has written [in partnership with Simon Blyth of Unilever] that are well worth reading.  Most stuff around Actor Network Theory [ANT] doesn’t seem that helpful to the average researcher doing research, in fact most Social Science ‘theory’ seems elitist and… Read more

You have 42 new texts…

Early novice engaged twitter behaviour and networking giving way to background, lower level use.  Particularly noticed scale limits: 25 people is my ceiling.  Phone notifications off after quiet walk in the woods was disturbed by busy aviary like twitter from pocket.  I had 42 new texts in the space of 30 minutes.  That’s when continuous… Read more

The man who has not turntable

GO WAY THE MAN WHO HAS NOT TURN TABLE, originally uploaded by superlocal. “GO AWAY THE MAN WHO HAS NOT TURN TABLE” Know your audience. Speak to them clearly and directly. And patronise your non-audience as this will make your core audience feel good about themselves. Don’t worry about grammar.

If businesses were run…

… like bands they’d be a lot better.  Most businesses are just inherently dull, a product of inertia, risk aversion, process, beaurocracy and politics.  Most business books are rubbish, one thought extended to death.  If businesses were more like bands the world would be better.  And if business books were more like comics they’d be… Read more


My Tool Box April 2006, originally uploaded by geishaboy500.Link: marktd: Brands 2.0: Branded Utility – Jack Cheng There seems to be a belated realisation that comms planning is all well and good but you need to have something decent to communicate and that over time it gets harder and harder to be interesting and communicate… Read more