Planning coffee morning in Sheffield on Tues 7pm

In London Russell et al do coffee at 7am.  Further North planners gather for beer at a rather more amenable 7pm. The sporadic Northern planning Summit is this Tues at 7pm starting in Runaway Girl, Sheffield.  Andrew, Gemma, Rob, Joel are booked [and their agents paid handsomely] and are probably practising their lines now in… Read more

Life in fragments

… lots of bits.  messy.  Link: Twitter. Tom pointed me at twitter. It’s another one of those social networking things which is the dull bit.  The interesting bit is essentially it’s playing with time.  You input what you’re doing NOW.  Others do and from that you get a picture, a messy picture of the social… Read more

Al Jazeera as blog broadcaster?

Link: / World / Middle East & Africa – Al Jazeera launches news channel in English. It’s kind of a reverse colnialism isn’t it?  Al Jazeera is now colonising the airwaves with a move to start an English language news channel, having done deals with 83 distributers including Sky, but not it seems Freeview.… Read more

Not-so-random-flickr: Explicit IA

3 modes, originally uploaded by JamesB. known item; browse/exploratory and don’t know what you need to know?  The thing is it’s all well and good them making these things explicit but shouldn’t the bookmarks actually be a driver for enquiring, reading or discovering rather than just stating that’s what libraries are there to cater for? … Read more

Mail order

mail order, originally uploaded by JamesB. My uncle has been selling cloth by mail order catalogue now for over thirty years.  the operation is a might slimmer now that it was all that time ago, as is he. He’s retiring soon.   For those thirty plus years though he’s managed to sell cloth by text alone. … Read more


, originally uploaded by JamesB. I’m playing around with omnigraffle, gliffy etc.  And they’re great but you can’t beat drawing freehand initially: it’s quicker, you can get far more done and it makes me think when I draw.  Using templates, structures etc even ones as flexible as the stencils in the above can be unproductive. … Read more

Designing data…

"… with a view to informing decisions and taking action." Maps are perhaps the oldest and best forms of visualising data. Met up with Danny Dorling last night, Professor Danny Dorling to you, master of maps which actually kind of underplays the incredibly important role he has in defining social policy, especially in the UK. … Read more

eyeballs and widgets and winners

I find it quite staggering how much dotcom M&A activity going on right now.  IPOs seem to be coming through daily in a race between the big four Google, Yahoo!, News Corp and Microsoft not to lose out.    All seem to be spending over revenue growth in activity not seen since the boom/bust days… Read more


the new office…, originally uploaded by JamesB. So I’ve been freelance now for 2 weeks, trying to cohere some sort of business which I’ve called Rattle.    The business is there to provide planning, service design and research concerning digital/social media.  And in that 2 weeks I’ve learnt a hell of a lot. Firstly, always… Read more

Camp Origami

Camp Origami, originally uploaded by JamesB. More here. Camping. The surge of popularity for sleeping under the stars and getting closer to nature fits so well with the move toward inconspicuous consumption, our desire to get closer to a sense of ‘reality’, an affordable authentic, even an aesthetic. Hell, if Chang Mai is now a… Read more